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DJ Dan Releases 'Beats & Pieces' EP (Available Now)

DJ Dan - Beats & Pieces EP [selections from] by Nettwerk Music Group

In 2010, DJ Dan released his first artist album, titled Future Retro - a 2-part conceptual release that is both remixes of dance floor classics and entirely new pieces created from scratch. In honor of the Future Retro project, DJ Dan will share a handful of unreleased and previously released tracks for the Beats & Pieces EP (available now). The six-track EP includes a remastered version of the original “In Your Area” and a remix from funky house producer, DJ Mes. Fan favorite “Tribute To Voodoo Ray,” will see four mixes from H-Foundation, Trent Cantrelle and a collaborative rendition from DJ Dan and Mike Balance.

Out Now, DJ Dan 'In Your Area' EP


DJ Dan - In Your Area (remixes EP) [sampler] by nettwerkmusicgroup

“DJ Dan is an electronic music pioneer and legend." –

Available now, DJ Dan releases In Your Area. The EP features 4 versions of the track, “In Your Area” from his artist album debut, Future Retro. Included in the package is an extended version, a club mix and remix by Grammy-nominated, Morgan Page. Enjoy!

1. In Your Area (Extended Version)
2. In Your Area (DJ Dan Club Mix)
3. In Your Area (DJ Dan Club Dub)
4. In Your Area (Morgan Page Remix)

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